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Yup..satu lagi trip aku utk tahun nih. ke Cameron Highlands bersama rakan2. Not much of activity going on..what to expect from a one night trip right? Tp alhamdulillah everything went great. Perjalanan lancar, cuaca menyebelahi ktorg, BBQ + Food was great…overall it was a another relaxing and fun trip. Sorry, xbyk citer since pergi sabtu balik ahad…ngheheh.
Not forgetting my camera..again i brought my trusty Sony A100 with me. Took approximately 300 snaps, tp byk yg aku rasa xbest..ngeheh. Yg dah delete pun ada. So out of all of the shots taken. Ni jer la yg aku ada idea nak edit. Nak comment?? silakan….

~haih~ 7 keping jer huhuhuh…


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Had the opportunity to went on a trip to Pulau Kapas, Terengganu last weekend.
Overall trip was fun, tiring and satisfying! Thanks to En. Rahmat for organizing the trip. Looking forward for future trips.
Pulau Kapas was a calm and peaceful place. Nice white sandy beaches, crystal clear green/blue waters.
Heheh..spent a lot of time snorkeling with the guys…end up aku menjadi semakin golap. hahaha…
Very budgeted trip. Spend RM300.00 for the whole trip including buying some keropok losong and titbits for my family. super!!

Here are some pics that I thought was the best for this trip taken with my Sony alpha a100

p/s: Open for any comment…thanks!

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